Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bengali Lesson 7

Bengali Lesson 7 : The Future tense

Bengali Future tense is fairly easy. For example with the verb kora which means to do. All you do is add either bo, be or ben. Example's

Ami korbo-I shall do
tumi korbe-you will do
se korbe-he/she will do
apni/tini korben-you/he/she will do

Extreamly easy rght? :)

Here are some examples with I:
ami dekhbo- i shall see
ami shunbo-i shall hear
ami likhbo- i shall write
ami rakhbo-i shall keep
ami khabo- i shall eat
ami hobo- i shall become
ami debo- i shall give

And now some useful/fun Bengali phrases!

আপনি কোথায় থাকেন?
(Where do you live?)
আমি খুব ব্যস্ত।
(I'm very busy)

আমি আগামী সপ্তাহ পর্যন্ত থাকব।
(Will stay till next week)
অনেক দিন আপনাকে দেখিনি।
(I haven't seen you in so long)
আপনার বাবাকে আমার নমস্কার?
(What can I do for you?)
আবার দেখা হবে।
(See you again)
কী ব্যাপার?
(what's wrong?)
আমাকে বিরক্ত করবেন না।
(Do not trouble me)
চুপ করুন!
(Shut up!)

try to read the script, i will post the transliteration soon. But try to practice reading Bengali. :)


  1. I love this site! I've been trying to find good sites to learn Bengali but sadly can not find any =( I'm happy for your site and can not wait for the next lesson!

  2. thanks so much sam i will post more lessons soon

  3. Sam,

    I have a Bengali learning site: It has an audiovisual grammar tutorial and vocabulary with pronunciation. You may find it helpful.

  4. I would like to send you some scans of a childrens' book I bought in Kolkata some years ago. It's very funny--and also helpful--because it has english nursery rhymes IN ENGLISH both written in english AND bengali. So you have (hope you can read this) িহকাির িডকাির ডাক / িদ মাউস েরন আপ িদ কলাক/ etc. And old pictures. How would I send this? (it's a pdf.)

    And yes, vote for Bengali on lovemocha! (I did)