Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some More Bangla practice...

Nomaskar. Apni kaemon acchen? So everyone, I just realized my last phrases post was all in Bangla script and if you didn't know the script it would be very confusing. Thus, this post will be for them transliterated. I'm also going to break down the words for some Grammar points.

Shakkhatkar ebong shambhashon = Meeting and Greeting
  • So this sentance is pretty easy, we have Shakkhatkar which means meeting. Then the word Ebong which means and. Next the word Shambhashon which means greeting.

Chorchar Jonno kicchu shobtho= Phareses to practice.

  • Word order in Bengali is much different then in english. The word Chorchar means practice. Jonno which literally means for. Kicchu means some. And Shobtho means words. So in Bengali we say Practice for some words.

Here are some Everyday Common Words.



doya kore-please

dhonnobad-Thank you

Dhonnobad jannahorre proyjon nei.- no need for thanks (don't mention it)

Khoma Korben-excuse me

Ami Dokhita-I'm sorry

Shobho shakal-good morning

shobho shondha- good evening

Small Sample Diolouge:

Kajol:Shobo Shakal Kaki-ma. Apni kaemon acchen?

(Good Morning Aunty. How Are you?)

Kaki-ma: Ami bhalo acchi, dhonobad. Kajol, apni ki hindi bolen?

(I'm fine. Kajol do you speak hindi?)

Kajol: han kaki-ma, Ami matro olpo olpo hindi bolte pari.

(Yes Aunty, I can only speak a little Hindi)

I Hope You Enjoyed this lesson, next one comming shortly! Khoda Hafez ;)


  1. Hey nice work,I appreciate it !
    And yeah jus a small correction.
    "Dhonnobad *jannahorre* proyjon nei.- no
    need for thanks (don't mention it)"
    The word in the stars* should be -JANABAR

  2. Good stuff. English vs Bengali is a blog where we can learn English and Bengali languages...