Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good News!

Hello everyone! Happy Belated Bengali New Year! (better late than never though, right?). Anyway, I have fantastic news. LiveMocha will be adding a Bengali course. The Live Mocha team has put Bengali in memember translation and once the translations are done they will add a course. And Hopefully soon we will see a Bangla course! I want to thank everyone who voted. Thanks a bunch everyone! :D


  1. Hurray! Great news!

    I urged all the Bengalis I could find on LiveMocha to vote, and everyone I contacted friended me! I have so many people I dont know what to do with them!

    By the way, "word" would be "shobd" Na?

  2. Hello Webmaster,

    I have few sites for learning Bengali, I would be glad if you add to your site, I will be obliged if you and others like it and add these sites with the anchored texts to their websites.

    1) "Online Bengali Course"
    2) "Free Bengali Learning Videos"
    3) "Learn Bengali through Podcasts"

    Thanks a lot in advance

  3. Hi meera, theres a new website for learning bengali. Come and share what you know about bengali language

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  5. Hi Meera,
    Where can get the continuation of this Bengali learning ? I even checked out in livemocha... But it is not added yet.....