Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bengali Lesson 3

Bengali Lesson 3: This lesson is going to have phareses and basic grammar. I tried to orginally do it in the Bengali script but I do not know the keyboard yet, so Im going to translitterate it.

In Bengali (বাংলা) it is extreamly imporant to indentfy the difference between things that are near and far. ( Just like in Pashto ) I dont think Hindi/Urdu has it to this extent.

For Example:
Ota-that (there)
seta-that (wherever else)

*In Bengali, when you make an s sound, most of the it goes along with a very light "sh" sound.

ogulo-those (there)
segulo-those(wherever else)

Here are Some Personal Pronouns in Bengali:
Ami- I Amra-We
tumi-you(Familar/singular) tomra-you
apni-you(Polite/plural) apnara-you

*The rest as mentioned before requires to regconigize the differences between-here, there and wherever else*

Here are the rest:
e(s/he-familar/here) era(They/familar/here)
ini(s/he-plural/polite-here) eera(they/plural/polite-here)
o(h/she/familar/there) ora(they/familar/there)
uni(h/she/polite/there) oora(they/polite/there)
tini (s/he/polite/elsewhere)taara(they/familar/elsewhere)

*I know it seems very hard at first, but you will get used to it. just note all polites are plural and you really want to make a distinaction as not to offend anyone. Also to learn better try making flashcards. This is what helps me the most*

Now as Promised some Bengalibasic phrases:
Aapnar/Tomar naam ki?-Whats your name?
Aamar naam....-my name is...
Haan nischoy - Yes, of course.
kemon acchen?-How are you?
ami bhalo acchi -I'm fine.
bujhte pari ni - I don't understand.

Hope you enjoyed this lesson! More to come soon =)

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