Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bengali Lesson 5

Bengali Lesson 5
Hello everyone, so we already learned the possives and the pronouns. Now its time to learn the verb, "to" in the present tense and the past tense. I was going to add how to form the negative in this lesson too, but I have decided to leave it out, so it won't overwhelm, it will be in the next lesson.
Present Tense "to be"

1.Ami achi-I am
2.Tumi acho-you are (familar) ache-s/he is
4.Apni/Tini acchen- (tini is plural you are for familar and apni is polite you are)

baba ki bari acchen? (Is father at home?)
Uni kothay acchen? (where is she/he?)
okhane amar kolom ache(my pen is there)

Past Tense "to be"
1.Ami Chillam-I was
2.Tumi Chile-you were chilo-s/he was
4.apni/tini chilen- you were (see above for explanation)

Okhane onek lok chilo-there were lots of people there.
Ami bhalo chillam-i was good

Thats all for this lesson. Next will be negative and then followed by possieve case :)

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