Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bengali Lesson 4

Bengali Lesson 4: Possessive Pronouns
In this lesson we will learn how to make Possessive Pronouns in Bengali. It is fairly easy and as long as you know the Pronouns, you should no problem with possessive.
1.Amar-my amader-our
2.Tomar-your (familiar) tomader-your(you/plural)
apni-your(polite) apnader-your (plural/polite)
3. er-his/her (familiar/here) eder-their
enar-his/her (polite/here) enader-their
4.or-his/her(familiar/there) order-their
5.onar-his/her(polite/there) onader-their
6.tar-his/her(familiar/elsewhere) tader-their

Some sentances to go along with the lesson:
Amar rumal niin
-Take my handkerchief
ini amar ma-she is my mother
uni raniarbaba?- is he rani's father?
uni ki? -who's this?

Name all the personal pronouns from the first lesson.

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